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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MySpace Hottie - Meet Laura Shields

Forget silly online dating services! If you want to meet hot women MySpace is the only way to go! It doesn't cost anything to sign-up, and every person on earth today has a MySpace account, which includes all the hot women you could ever dream of. It's the best social networking site used by party promoters, modeling agencies, management groups, and the whole lot. Of course it takes skill to actually meet these hot women in real life. But with a little knowledge, charm, and knowing the right people, you can make it happen! Lucky you, I'll be sharing all the hot girls on MySpace!

Hollyweird and Manchester UK, CALIFORNIA
United States

MySpace URL:

Insider's Notes: Laura is one of the hot girls in the popular tv game show Deal or No Deal and holds suitcase number 22. She's a self-confessed geek which makes her quite down-to-earth. This stunning Manc is very friendly online as she is in real life. A real fit bird this one!


Anonymous said...

Woooooooooooow! Thats hot!

captainKirK said...

yeah i watch the show and i love her!

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