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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wanna be a Supermodel? Funny Bungalow 8 YouTube Video

You'd have to be living under a rock if you've never heard of New York's Bungalow 8 owned by Amy Sacco. And if you're one of the few who are lucky enough to party at this celebrity preferred hotspot, you're quite aware of its exclusivity and strict door policy. It's one of the city's many prime hangout spots of actors, models, and pretty much every a-list groupie. Unlike many of its imitators Bungalow has remained true to its clientele of the uber hip elite, and many late night partying stories have become legend; which brings us to review this funny video about the place. This guy's story is as hilarious as it could easily be true. Brushings with up-and-coming models, wannabes, and other social climbing buffoons are pretty much toppings for this delicious New York delight we call Bungalow 8.


melan said...

LOL! i love that video! i know girls like that :)

MAXavi said...

i was disappointed... hahahahaaaa!

Anonymous said...

hey i want a BJ from a hot 19 year old model too >:(

jay said...


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