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Thursday, April 26, 2007

MySpace Hottie - Meet Gemma Sanderson

Forget silly online dating services! If you want to meet hot women MySpace is the only way to go! It doesn't cost anything to sign-up, and every person on earth today has a MySpace account, which includes all the hot women you could ever dream of. It's the best social networking site used by party promoters, modeling agencies, management groups, and the whole lot. Of course it takes skill to actually meet these hot women in real life. But with a little knowledge, charm, and knowing the right people, you can make it happen! Lucky you, I'll be sharing all the hot girls on MySpace!

milan, ITALY, New South Wales

MySpace URL:

Insider's Notes: Gemma is the winner of Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 1. Since then she's been traveliing a lot, shooting campaigns, and is currently modeling in Italy. Gemma is a lovely girl who hasn't let her new-found fame get to her head, as she still shows her fun and goofy side to those who know her well.

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Anonymous said...

whoa!! i've been watching the show at the moment and none of them look like her! hot hot hot

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