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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Everyone Gets Laid! A New York Party

Here's a nice little invite for a New York party this evening, Wednesday April 25th. The copy simply says "Everyone Gets Laid". The flyer's design is minimal and direct to the point. Surprisingly there are no silly corporate logos on it and there aren't any listed sponsors either. A bit odd... well, only because we've all gotten to used to attending sponsored parties; that's all there is these days.

According to the hosts the party was put together for no other reason than to have a party. There are no new sneakers to promote, no magazine to launch, no new hotel viewing, no car presentation, no books to be sold, no new vodka label tasting, no new anything, and absolutely nothing to promote! Wow... really?

For those of us New Yorkers who have lived in the city for the last ten years, we all sigh when we reminisce about what it was like to party before 2000. There was this laid back feeling, and real celebrities and talented people really came out to play. When I say talented I don't mean a bunch of ghetto thugs promoting some silly rap album that doesn't even get a spot in the Billboard top 100. It was a time when Soho and the LES (Lower East Side) were not so commercialized and it was home to many (real) artists and not whining yuppie douchebags who should be stoned by Sidekicks and iPhones. People threw the best loft parties; ahhh... remember loft parties? The real good clubs were kept secret; unknown to bridge and tunnel folk, and no corny NYPD squad cars would be parked in front of the venue to spoil the madness going on inside. It was a Pre-American Idol, Pre-Paris Hilton/Britney Spears era, and it was absolutely heaven.

So when a party like this one comes along with nothing to promote, it's quite refreshing to hear that for once some people are throwing a party just because.


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